Grace Bone

Our Lady of the Way School, Petrie

Language is Music: Evviva La Musica

Three years ago I applied for and was successful in receiving a grant from Brisbane Catholic Education. This was for an action project to investigate how ICLT resources could enhance language learning. From my first project, reflecting on student responses to my questionnaires, many indicated that they enjoyed learning Italian through music/songs. The focus for my second language grant, “Learning Italian grammar through songs”, evolved from reflecting on my student responses on their learning and listening to student voice: “Learning a language through songs makes it fun and enjoyable.” (Harvey, Yr 5). From my observations of student engagement and again consulting students’ ideas, it was evident that the students’ enjoyment of the learning experiences was the driving factor which engaged them in their learning. Analysis of the quantitative data taken from a grammatical pre-test and post- test, revealed that the frequency of listening to and singing the songs influenced the students’ recall, understanding and being able to identify the grammatical terms for specific words, in particular, the songs that the students had been learning for many years, even from Prep, Year 1 and 2. For my next project I shall be investigating having “an ear for languages” and “having an ear for music” and how the two correlate.

Pedagogies for a plurilingual Australia

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